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Kay Negash - Esther Acosta - Linda Batlin - Lois Burrell

This is a troupe of multicultural storytellers who provide shows for all ages and all occasions!

Their stories can be described as...Touching, Timeless, Mythical, Tearful, Teaching, Thrilling & Motivating!
Themes of programs offered include the following and much more

  • Multicultural Stories
  • Tolerance
  • Ghost Stories
  • Family & Personal Stories
  • Women’s Strengths & Struggles
  • Folktales-Fairytales
  • Holiday Programs
  • Wild Life & Nature

Esther Acosta will touch and tickle your heart with personal stories from her Chicana-Mexicana background including stories of the Southwest & Native Americans.

Linda Batlin will tantalize you with her humorous and thought provoking folktales from her travels to remote and exotic countries of the world & her living history stories from Western History.

Kay Negash will transport you to enticing, intriguing places, including the Early West, Latin America, Ancient Greece, & even up to the Stars with her compelling stories.

Lois Burrell especially loves to tell folk and fairy tales from around the world, plus stories from the African and African American culture.

Contact Person:
Linda Batlin 303 494-6407
E-mail lbatlin@aol.com




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